Sunday, February 27, 2011

Intermediate Thesis Presentation

Long time no see! Sorry about that, I'm happy to be able to tell you my exam results were great!

Last week we had to give an intermediate presentation, which went rather good (I was nervous though). You can download this powerpoint presentation here (or you can find the pdf version here).

During this week I decided to work on a counterpart, that I entitled SpotWatch, which provides statistical data about the spot price history evolution. This website is hosted on Amazon EC2 itself and can (for the moment) be found on a subdomain of my website: Hope this will be a help for further research on the spot price analysis.

You'll here from me soon, I'll be finishing the 'Environmental Analysis' chapter of my thesis in the coming week (and I'll be switching to the Comp Latex theme). By the way I'll possibly attend the Cebit fair in Hannover on Friday, which has as main theme "Cloud Computing" this year.


I've been working on the SpotWatch website, it now automatically updates its spot price history daily. And the service became more user friendly: e.g. the charts link to a bigger version of themselves. I also bought a domain, since the site seemed to attract a lot of people (over 50 the first day):