Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cloud Computing General [A]

This week I did a few general things to get in a cloud computing mood again:
  1. On Monday September 27th I attended the Microsoft conference 'A Journey to the Cloud' (, where I went to the following talks:

    • The Microsoft Cloud Continuum (Bart Vande Ghinste, Enterprise Architect for MS Belgium & Luxembourg): this was a good summary of what cloud computing stands for and why MS beliefs it will be big.

    • The Road to a Private Cloud Infrastructure (Eduardo Kassner, Enterprise Technical Architect for MS Corporation): this was less interesting, because the talk was very Microsoft oriented and the recorded demo videos were hard to follow for someone who has no Windows Azure experience.

    • An Architecture Lap around the Windows Azure Platform (Kurt Claeys, Technical Solution Specialist for MS EMEA): fun introduction to the Azure platform.

    • IaaS: Principles and Patterns for the Private Cloud (Alberto Boczar, Technical Architect for MS Corporation): this was a very good speaker which made his talk interesting. He presented a general overview of the principles and patterns of cloud computing.

  2. Started reading "The Big Switch: Rewiring the World from Edison to Google" by Nicholas Carr on my Kindle. (

  3. I experimented a bit with Amazon EC2. Became a bit familiar with the AWS Management Console interface, ran an instance for the first time and connected to it through SSH, ...

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