Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cloud Computing General [B]

During the first week I tried to get familiar with the cloud computing principles again, by doing the following:
  • Reading "The Big Switch" by Nicholas Carr. I think the following quote (from Booklist) describes the book rather well:
    "Carr examines the future of the Internet, which he says may one day completely replace the desktop PC as all computing services are delivered over the Net as a utility, the Internet morphing into one giant 'World Wide Computer.' ... Carr warns that the downside of the World Wide Computer may mean further concentration of wealth for the few, and the loss of jobs, privacy, and the depth of our culture." The book is easy to read and gives some good insights and background information about the shift to utility/cloud computing.

  • Following the one hour webinar provided by VMware: "The New Era of IT: the VMWare Cloud Application Platform" ( which was not very technical but talked about VMwares cloud computing strategy. They want their developers to keep on using the tools they are used to (to build Java applications): the Spring framework (by the way I got a chance to get familiar with this framework during my summer job at Technicolor). These apps make use of the VMware vFabric platform. The talk also provided a sample hotel room booking application, which was used to illustrate some of the cloud computing principles (eg scaling up/down). More information about the platform can be found here

PS: I literally was in the clouds this week: I made a helicopter flight above Antwerp (

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