Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Decision Model Java Implementation

I made some little changes to the java port of the 'Decision Model ...' paper software. And added Javadoc comments to this source code, which can be checked out from the SVN repository. This software needs a lot of memory because it first of all reads a couple of 100000 records to memory from the input CSV file then uses it to do a lot of simulations ... and finally writes all the results from memory back to file. (Actually this process starts all over for every task length). I think to boost the performance it would not be a bad idea to only take the history spot prices of one instance type as input and do the simulation only for one category/instance type at a time. This would almost make all arrays used in the program a dimension smaller. And it's not that hard to then write something around it that runs the program a couple of times with different input for the different instance types. Also the program still takes its own input file, but this can easily be changed by implementing a data input reader that takes the cloudexchange CSV files as input. A backup of the source code of this program can be downloaded here.

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