Monday, November 1, 2010

Comparison Instance Pricing in Regions

I updated the excel worksheet I created to analyse the price differences of the EC2 instances across the different regions. An updated version can be downloaded here, in this spreadsheet some corrections are made and all previous done Excel research is combined in this one file.

I also created a normalised version of the instance price comparison, for the US East region this resulted in this graph:

For the EU region we got the following graph:

What can be concluded from these graphs is:
  • The Cluster Compute Instance is not available in the EU Region. ( does not provide spot price history for Micro Instances either)
  • In the US East the reserved prices (when assumed that they are bought for a year) are about 65 percent of the on demand prices, while in the EU region this is about 70 percent.
  • Spot prices lay just below 40 percent of on demand prices in the US East region, in the EU region this is just above 40 percent.
  • There is one remarkable price: Standard Large Spot Instances are relatively more expensive in the US East region.

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