Monday, November 15, 2010

Prototype Broker for Resource Allocation

I posted earlier what I was doing during the long weekend
I'm working on a prototype (A Broker for Cost-efficient QoS aware resource allocation in EC2) by combining the tools and knowledge I already acquired during the last couple of weeks"

Except for the fact that I keep feeling sick (for a couple of weeks already), everything went okay. The only issue is the actual scheduling in the time of the different tasks, I wonder if I can use some existing deadline scheduler for this. The prototype (it literaly is: e.g. undocumented, overlapping model and view, ... ) now handles everything for reserved and on-demand instances correctly. The next step (after refactoring and implementing a scheduling algorithm) will be to start adding spot instances. I created two programs:
  1. A TaskGenerator that takes some program arguments specifying the task as input and creates a
    CSV file that describes the task and a corresponding CSV file describing the randomly generated workload of the task.
  2. The actual EC2 broker prototype which takes the output of the previous program and some CSV files with the EC2 pricing details as input. I chose to create a Swing GUI that creates Gantt charts containing the scheduled tasks. I also created an overview of the corresponding costs. Some screenshots can be found below.

Overview of the scheduled tasks

Every task has a detailed tooltip

Cost overview

The source code of this prototype can be checked out from the SVN repository (EC2Broker project) or an archive can be downloaded right here.

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