Sunday, October 31, 2010

OVMP Software

I've sent an e-mail to the writers (Sivadon Chaisiri, Bu-Sung Lee and Dusit Niyato) of the paper titled "Optimal Virtual Machine Placement across Multiple Cloud Providers" (abstract can be found here) with the following question: " I was wondering whether the implementation of the OVMP algorithm has been made available somewhere? I would be interested in trying to understand your research better, by having a look at the software that accompanies it." I will update this blogpost whenever I get a response.

I got a reply with a sample code of the OVMP algorithm as attachment, this can be downloaded here. It is the OVMP algorithm (written in GAMS script and be solvable in NEOS Server or CPLEX). It deals with the demand uncertainty described by a normal distribution. I tried to run it using this software and the CPLEX solver, but since I do not own a GAMS license I got 'THE MODEL EXCEEDS THE DEMO LIMITS' as a result.

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