Saturday, October 16, 2010

Amazon Spot Instance Pricing []

After getting some advice, I made some new graphs from the cloudexchange input data that:
  • plots the average spot price for each day of the week (for every instance type)
  • plots the average spot price during each hour of the day (for every instance type)
A first example of this new output for a us-east-1.linux.c1.xlarge spot instance:

And as a second example the output for a us-east-1.linux.m1.xlarge spot instance:

We notice that some spot instances have a rather fluctuating price during the day and over the days of the week, while others do not show this behavior. This updated version of the software can be found here. And all the generated graphs can be downloaded from this location.

Afterwards I made a little program that takes the CSV files found on as input and calculates what the average spot instance price has been between two given dates for each instance type. This program can be downloaded here. The output is written to a new CSV file, for the Linux instances a PDF version of this file can be found here.

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