Sunday, October 10, 2010

Amazon Spot Instances Pricing []

On we find the history of the price of the different Amazon Spot instances, this data is exporteable as an CVS file.
I made a little Java program (download here) that takes this file as input and generates the following graphs:
  • one containing the average price for the spot instance during each day

  • one with a line representing the average price during the day and a line for the average price during the night (0:00-8:00AM)
On the following graph we notice that for the corresponding spot instance (us-east-1.linux.m2.4xlarge) the average day price does not have peaks during the weekends (2 units on the rights of every vertical grid line), which seems logical.

For the same instance I then divided this graph in the day and night parts, but it seems there is no remarkable difference in price.


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